Your search benefits the environment.

With you search the web for the things you care about while we care about what we care about: The environment. Every time you search through the search engine, CO2 is saved. In addition, for every ton of CO2, the organization arranges for a tree to be planted, improving the climate for future generations.

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440planted since 2022

Planting trees

By planting trees, we make it easy for everyone to help contribute to our planet and our natural environment. Thanks to you and our cultivation partners, we can get trees planted all around the world. You search – we donate – our partners plant.

Our vision

You choose to help restore our environment - and we make it happen for you. We are not only putting a seed into the ground, but we are also ensuring that forests are preserved for future generations. Together we can rebuild forests, create habitat for biodiversity and have a positive impact on the whole environment.